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This Way You Make Windows Full-Screen In macOS

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You will soon lose the overview if you have too many windows open on your Mac. In this article we show you how to easily enlarge a window and display it full screen.

This Way You Can Enlarge A Mac Window

There are several reasons for displaying a window in full screen. Not only do you have less distraction by only having one app in the picture, the extra space can also lead to improved productivity. It may be very useful for some apps to have more visibility, such as when editing photos or video.

By clicking the green button at the top left, the active window becomes full screen. The Mac menu at the top of the screen then disappears, and your other windows are on a different desktop. If you want to display a screen as large as possible without losing the menu, you can do this with the options below.

Four Ways To Enlarge Windows

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With the Zoom function you can at any rate adjust your window to your screen. To do this, click on ‘Window>’ Zoom ‘at the top of the Mac menu.’ The app that you open at that moment will then become as high as your screen, without hiding the menu. You can also double-click the window bar to activate ‘Zoom’.

The green button at the top left can also enlarge a window in a different way. To do this, hold down Shift + Option and press the green button. Your active window will then be displayed full-screen, again without hiding the Mac menu.

If you want to make managing windows on your Mac even easier, you can also use the BetterSnapTool app . This app is not free (4.49 euros), but makes the layout of your windows a lot easier. By dragging an app against the top edge of your screen, BetterSnapTool automatically makes it full-screen. This also works against the sides, so you can put two windows next to each other.

Of course you can also just drag windows to the size you need. To do this, place your cursor on one of the corners of a window and click, after which you can drag the screen as large as you want.


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