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These 4 Mac Apps Help You Focus On Your Work

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These 4 Mac apps help you focus on your workAre you constantly distracted while you actually have to work, then you might have something to do with these apps. They all aim to help you concentrate.

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Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Telegram and name it. There are plenty of apps and websites that you can constantly keep from work. This can sometimes be quite annoying and if you want to do something about it, you can of course just close it, but notice that you still return again and again, then these apps are a godsend.

  1. Escape

In order to gain insight into what is always being distracted, an app such as Escape works excellently. It is a very simple program that runs in the menu bar and by clicking on it you can open a window. It states exactly how often you go to a certain site or service one day. The app also indicates how often you have been distracted that day and how long it has been between times. That can be confrontational.

→ Download Escape (free)


  1. Quitter

Quitter is an app by Marco Arment. He previously made the pleasant podcast app Overcast and was long known as co-founder of Tumblr and Instapaper. Quitter is his first Mac app and the program closes or minimizes apps that are no longer used after a certain period of time. According to Arment, this is a good way to minimize distraction.

Suppose your Twitter app disappears after ten minutes, without noticing it, you may only get the urge to turn it on again after an hour.These 4 Mac apps help you focus on your work

→ Download Quitter (free)

  1. Selfcontrol

If you want to be tough for yourself, Selfcontrol is something for you. With this app you put timers on certain websites, such as Facebook or Twitter, that you can not use during that time. Even if you disable Selfcontrol and not even if you remove the program. You have to sit the time, then you will be admitted again on websites that you have blocked.

→ Download Selfcontrol (free)These 4 Mac apps help you focus on your work

  1. Focus

A good alternative to Selfcontrol is Focus, although this app costs money (a one-time $ 20 or a month on trial). The app gives you more options, so you can have blocked websites project motivational texts. Focus also offers the possibility to block websites at fixed times, so you do not have to do it manually.

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