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iPhone X Review: Tested The iPhone Of The Future, Read Your Vonnis

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iPhone X,iPhone X review: top notch

With the iPhone X , Apple is launching a completely new iPhone for the first time in four years. But is the iPhone of the future full of new technology worth its towering purchase price of 1159 euros?

iPhone X review: the next step for the iPhone

In recent years, Apple has received the necessary criticism regarding the design of the iPhone. Since the iPhone 6 , the appearance of the device has hardly changed, while the price for the newest model only increased. This year, the company is breaking this trend with the iPhone X, a device that not only looks like a futuristic version of the iPhone, but also feels that way.

The first thing you see when you turn on the iPhone X is how the (almost) complete front fills with the brand new OLED display. This means there is no room left for the round home button, and that is getting used to. If you have been using an iPhone for years, you need to learn a number of new swiping movements to operate the device.

To open the Control Panel, swipe down from the top right corner and return to your home screen by swiping up from the bottom. This way you can browse through all your active apps at lightning speed: simply swipe from left to right over the bottom edge of your iPhone to switch quickly. After a day or two, however, you are used to this, especially because all new movements are actually very logical.

The oled screen of the X is impressive from the first minute. Because of the narrow black screen edges around the display, the bright colors are extra good, and blacks have never been so dark. In addition, the screen (just like the iPhone 8 ) is equipped with the True Tone technique, which subtly adapts the colors to your surroundings. That makes the X more fun to look at.

Dealing with the notch

The only thing that gets in the way of the OLED display is the small ‘notch’. In this cut-out at the top is the new Face ID camera processed, which we later cover extensively. Initially we wondered how much this black rectangle would be in the way, but in practice it is not that bad.

Especially if you do not use the iPhone X tilted, the notch will fall away quickly if you are focused on the screen. In addition, apps can choose to use a black background on the left and right sides of the crop, so that the OLED screen will make the crop almost completely disappear.

When watching videos in which you use the entire screen, it takes more effort to think away the notch. You have the choice to make the video smaller, or to use the entire screen, so that a piece of the image disappears.

Face ID tested

The notch is indispensable for the iPhone X, however, because it contains one of the most important new features: the Face ID camera. This advanced combination of a camera and sensors is the successor of Touch ID, and new way in which you unlock the device, log in and approve payments.

It works like this: after you have set Face ID, the front camera of the iPhone will see who he has in front of him when the device is activated. By projecting 30,000 tiny infrared dots on your face, a visualization of the features of your face is made, which is combined with a photo.

This creates a detailed 3D scan that is placed next to the stored scan. If the face matches, you unlock the iPhone. All this personal information about your face is stored locally on a special chip, so that nobody can get away with the sensitive data. Apple therefore protects Face ID in the same way as Touch ID.

All this happens in an instant, and works just as fast or sometimes even faster than Touch ID. After a week of intensive testing, we can say with certainty that Face ID works exactly as Apple has promised. In nine out of ten cases, the camera instantly recognizes your face so that you can actually take the iPhone X in a smooth motion and sweep up the screen.

Even if you take the device out of your pocket while cycling, the camera has already seen you before you keep the device exaggerated in front of your face. Add to this the fact that Face ID also works perfectly when it is pitch dark, or if you wear a hat or scarf.

Apple clearly had enough confidence in Face ID to replace the popular Touch ID, and after a week of testing we are also firmly convinced that this will be the new standard when it comes to unlocking your smartphone. In addition, iOS apps work closely with Face ID so you can complete an iDEAL payment with a quick scan of your face.

Animoji and facial masks

The new front camera is not only good at unlocking your iPhone, the software can also be used by other iOS apps. Apple sets a good example with Animoji, animated versions of well-known emoji that display 50 different expressions based on your face. You can then easily share these short films via iMessage, or save them as video.

Animoji are a nice precursor to undoubtedly countless iPhone apps that will use the new front camera. Developers can get started anyway, because many apps are not yet optimized for the new screen of the X. This gives an app ugly black edges at the top and bottom, which is now the case with Googles Inbox app.

Battery life and performance

As far as battery life and performance are concerned, the iPhone X does not even differ so much from the iPhone 8. Despite the larger display, the iPhone X easily lasts an entire day on a single battery charge, and the battery lasts an average of two hours longer than that of the iPhone 7. In addition, the X is equipped with Apple’s new A11 chip, which is not only super-fast but also very economical.

This is the same chip as in the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, but just like with those devices, it also impresses on the iPhone X. Regardless of how you use the device, the smartphone is easily fast enough to keep up with you.

The first small iPhone with double lens

Until now, the double camera lens was always reserved for the Plus models of the iPhone, but the X is a welcome exception to this. Apple has turned the lens a quarter turn, and provided with additional image stabilization. Instead of stabilizing a single lens, the iPhone X is the first iPhone to keep both lenses still when you move the device.

You notice that especially when you take photos in the dark, which are noticeably sharper than pictures of the iPhone 8 Plus. During the day, the differences are less visible, although that is especially a compliment. With the iPhone X you can leave your camera at home with confidence, this is the only camera you still need, whether you take photos or record videos.

Is The iPhone X Worth The Price?

The iPhone X has enough cool new features and gadgets on board to get excited about, but the big question is of course whether it is worth the high purchase price of 1159 or 1329 euros. As with other Apple products, that depends for a large part on how you use an iPhone.

Are you busy with it every day, does it replace your photo camera and do you use it at home and at work? Then 1159 euros for a device that you use so intensively in our opinion is not an unrealistically high price.

However, if you do not necessarily have to have the latest of the latest, the iPhone 8 or iPhone 7is still an excellent smartphone, which also does a lot of things that the iPhone X does. In this case it is mainly about how important you think it is to work with the latest of the latest.

Are you curious about Face ID and what this means for the future of smartphones, and do you want to know after all those rumors how Apple has converted iOS to work without a home button? Then you are probably the target group where Apple has released the iPhone X.

Conclusion iPhone X Review

The iPhone X looks and feels like a brand new iPhone, and that’s pretty much the same design after years. Unlocking your iPhone by looking at it feels futuristic, and the new front-filling display looks great too.

Anyone who goes to work with the smartphone will undoubtedly be satisfied with it. It is truly the best iPhone that Apple has ever made. This makes the iPhone 8 the best old iPhone, and the X the iPhone that Apple looks at the future with.

Buy iPhone X

Through our price comparison you can find the best deals for the iPhone X. If you opt for a loose iPhone X , it starts at 1159 euros. An iPhone X with subscription is available from all major providers.

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