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Control Your iPhone X Faster: 4 Tips And Tricks In A Row

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The iPhone X can be operated very differently than all previous iPhones. But with these four tips you have mastered the new display.

Four Smart iPhone X Operating Tips

Because the home button has disappeared, Apple has devised some new ways to operate the device. However, if you do not pay attention during setup, many details of this new operation will undoubtedly pass you by. So you can (if you know what you’re doing) quickly through your active apps browse, faster forced shutdown or return to the last opened app.

1. Open The App Switcher More Quickly

Pressing the home button two times to open the app switcher is no longer available. So from now on you can open your screen with all open apps with a swipe gesture. The instructions given by Apple, however, are slower and more cumbersome than necessary.

Instead of sweeping up and waiting, you can quickly see all your open apps by swiping diagonally up from the bottom left corner of the screen. This works from your homescreen, but also if you already use an app. It may take a while until you have mastered the exact movement, but after that you probably do not want to go back.

2. Browse Through All Your Open Apps Faster

A small bar is visible at the bottom of the iPhone X screen. This indicates that you can go back to your home screen by swiping upwards. However, it is also the place to browse all your opened apps one by one. Simply swipe from right to left to go back to your previous app and swipe from left to right to go back to the next.

3. Return To Your Last Opened App

The above action works well if you already have an app on your screen, but this line has disappeared on your homescreen. Yet this app browsing function is still active. So swipe from your home screen from right to left and you can go directly with the app you were last working on.

4. Enforce Apps More Quickly

Initially, closing apps seems to be possible only with two hands, but this is not bad in practice. After you have opened the app switcher, you only need to press and hold an app. As soon as the red ball appears with the minus, you wipe the app up without letting go of the screen. So you close an app completely, though this is less good for your iPhone than you might have thought.

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