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Hundreds Of T-Mobile Customers Can Not Call iPhone X, 8 or 8 Plus

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Are you a T-Mobile customer and have the last few months had trouble making calls with the iPhone X , iPhone 8 or 8 Plus ? Then you are not the only one.

iPhone X T-Mobile problems during calls

RTL Nieuws writes today that hundreds of T-Mobile customers can not or hardly call their new iPhone 8, 8 Plus or iPhone X. To make matters worse, the problem does not seem to be solved with a software update. The provider proposes to exchange the device for a new one, since the error is in the hardware.

The complaints almost all tell the same story: if you try to call someone the connection is already gone after a few seconds. This problem has been running for three months now, but both Apple and T-Mobile have no solution yet. The problem would occur as soon as your iPhone switches between a 3G and 4G connection, which makes this mistake particularly annoying for people living in an area with a dubious mobile reach.

Exchanging can take weeks

“Only three out of a thousand devices show this problem, but of course we find it very annoying,” said a spokesman for T-Mobile. The provider tries to exchange the iPhones of affected customers as quickly as possible, although this can take several weeks. Also in the forums of T-Mobile it is now raining complaints from users, who state that the Apple Store staff is now also aware of the problem.

Do you, as a T-Mobile customer, also have trouble calling on an iPhone X, iPhone 8 or 8 Plus? Then contact your provider and share your experiences in the comments under this article.

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