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The First HomePod Complaints: Circuits On Tables And Installation Errors

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The first HomePod complaints: circuits on tables and installation errors

When Apple releases a brand new product, there are always unforeseen problems that users encounter. This is no different with the HomePod .

The First HomePod Complaints

While we wait patiently in the Netherlands for Apple’s smart speaker to come to our country, the first HomePods have arrived at customers. This does not cause problems for most, but the first HomePod complaints are slowly gathering online.

For example, some already have problems with the installation of the device. Due to problems with the HomeKit app and WiFi networks, an error message appears on your iPhone that you need to set up the HomePod for the first time. The most common seems to be ‘error -6722’.

Apple offers different solutions here: first of all, it is important that you have the most recent version of iOS on your iPhone, and that both the Home and Music apps are installed on your device. Finally, both two-step authentication and iCloud Keychain must be activated. If this does not work, it can help to reset your Home settings in the Home app.

A Lasting Impression

Another complaint about the HomePod is a lot more remarkable. The speakers leave behind a permanent print if you put them on a wooden table. If you leave a HomePod on a wooden table with a top layer of oil or wax long enough, a well-visible white ring will remain.

The rings were noticed by various HomePod reviewers , and now the first photos of users appear online. In a new support document, Apple says that silicone speakers leave this type of print more often, because they provide a chemical reaction on certain wooden tables. The company proposes to place the speaker somewhere else, and to treat your damaged table with the appropriate oil or wax.

The HomePod will be released this spring in France and Germany, after which the speaker will also come to other countries. When it comes to the Netherlands and Belgium, it is not clear yet.

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