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Why HomePod Scores Poorly, But Apple Is Still In Good Shape

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In an extensive test together with other smart speakers, the HomePod appears  to be able to give good answers to relatively few questions. Yet Apple is in good shape. This is why.

Smart Speakers Tested: HomePod Stupid, But Impressive

Since Apple’s smart speaker HomePod is in the hands of experts, we often hear the same: the sound is great, but Siri is less. A comprehensive test by LoupVentures shows how far the HomePod is lagging behind the competition in practice.

For this test, the research company asked the smart speaker 782 questions. The sound quality and convenience have also been checked. The testers used three different HomePods for this. The test shows that the HomePod understands no less than 99.4 percent of all questions, but can only answer 52.3 percent of them.

Why HomePod Scores Poorly, But Apple Is Still In Good Shape

Compared with the other smart speakers, this percentage is noticeable. For example, Google Home can answer 81 percent of the questions, Alexa 64 percent and Cortana 57 percent. So the HomePod dangles at the bottom. There is, however, a logical reason for this.

How HomePod can easily improve

The HomePod can not answer any questions about navigation, your agenda, e-mail, calling and searching on Google. If you ask something in these categories, Siri only says that this function is not possible on the HomePod. If questions about these topics are not taken into account, the HomePod can suddenly answer 67 percent of all questions. As soon as Apple adds these topics in time, the HomePod scores better than Alexa and Cortana.

Where the HomePod is better

In addition, Loupventures states that the HomePod sounds best from all speakers and that the speaker is the best to set. Another big advantage compared to the competition is that the HomePod listens best. This is because the speaker filters out other sound, so you can keep on talking at normal volume when, for example, music is on.

In view of the above percentages, the HomePod seems to be in a bad position, but in the long term Apple can catch up. The basis is strong, with excellent hardware. Siri can be improved with more functions and more knowledge about subjects. Moreover, Siri is the only smart assistant who speaks Dutch at the moment and that is a huge advantage for us.

HomePod release

The HomePod is now available in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. Germany and France follow in the spring. It is not yet clear when the smart speaker appears in the Netherlands.

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