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With The HomePod, Apple Repeats The Success Formula Of The Apple Watch

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HomePod ,HomePod review,Apple,iPhoneiPhoned360,News,Reviews,iPhone 5,Tips,iPhone 4S,Appearance,Inside of the iPhone,Processor A6,battery,camera,iOS 6,iPhone 5 Review,Larger screen,weight,Faster processorLimited, pricey and inconvenient: we heard about the first Apple Watch years ago about Apple’s smart HomePod speaker . Does Apple’s speaker walk the same path as the smartwatch?

HomePod Criticism Is Similar To That Of The First Apple Watch

When Apple released the first Apple Watch, there was enough to note on the smart clock. There were hardly any apps for watchOS , the control of the software left much to be desired and the device was extremely closed. Where even Android Wear finally released an iOS app to work with iPhones, the Apple Watch is still only intended for people who also have an iPhone.

Apple Researches Smart Bands And Portable Charger For Apple Watch

Online there is also the necessary HomePod criticism. For example, Apple would keep the speaker closed , so that users are almost forced to take out an Apple Music subscription. You can stream your Spotify music to it via AirPlay, but it works a lot less fluently than directly.

In addition, many of Siri’s functions are still limited, because not all app functions are activated. This way you can now mainly set up reminders and ask questions about the latest news and weather. In the meantime, Siri is not working with Spotify , so you still have to take your iPhone to set up another album. The HomePod is just as strict as the Apple Watch: if you do not have an iPhone, then you can not even set up or use the speaker.

Deeper Into The Ecosystem

In that respect, the HomePod and Apple Watch have more in common than at first glance. Apple has put both devices on the market with a clear goal: to deepen consumers even deeper into the Apple ecosystem. Do you have an Apple Watch on your wrist and is there a HomePod in your living room? Then you think twice before you switch from the iPhone to an Android smartphone.


However, if we look at the strategy that Apple used with the Apple Watch, that could also be good news for the HomePod. Initially, many people found the Watch too expensive compared to competitors, especially because the added value was not immediately clear. This description now goes for the HomePod again: the device is more expensive than the Google Home and Amazon Echo, but delivers better sound quality.

A Bright Future For The HomePod?

A few years later, the Apple Watch is almost the only smartwatch that is still profitable, and quarter after quarter more customers behind. Now that Apple is focusing on the high-end audio market after the success of the AirPods and the arrival of the HomePod, the speaker can count on years of software support and regular updates. Especially now that Apple is apparently working on over-ear headphones to expand the audio offering.

For example, multi-room audio will soon be added to the HomePod, and there will undoubtedly be some time on future keynotes to introduce new HomePod functions. In addition, Apple now more than ever the reason to improve Siri, almost every device of the company from Cupertino is better when the quality of Siri goes up. Do not expect an annual hardware upgrade like the iPhone, but small software improvements that add support for more apps, for example. Although much remains to be done before Apple lets its assistant listen to Spotify.

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