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Duplicate Your iPhone Photos In 4 Steps

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Duplicate Your iPhone Photos In 4 StepsDo you want to edit your iPhone photos, but do not lose the original? We show you how to duplicate your iPhone photos beforehand, so that you always have an extra copy.

Duplicate iPhone photos

You will probably shoot a large number of photos on your iPhone every day, just like us. They are not all perfect immediately and so they often have to be edited before they can be shared. Editing photos is a risky move, because before you know it you do something wrong, you have lost the original and you are sitting with a failed photo.

Fortunately, you can duplicate photos with the iPhone. This way you make a second copy of your fresh images, so that you always have the original within reach. Keep one unaffected version of your photos for posterity while you can fully enjoy the other copy. If you want to duplicate an iPhone photo, follow the steps below.


  1. Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad;
  2. Open the photo you want to duplicate and press it to view the options;
  3. Press the ‘Share’ button at the bottom left of the screen – this is the square with an arrow inside it;
  4. Then several options appear in the picture. In the bottom row choose the ‘Duplicate’ option, which consists of two rectangles with a plus sign in it.

The duplication option does not only work on your photos, but can also be used to make an extra copy of a video or to double screenshots. The two images are always saved side by side in the Photos app of your iPhone. If desired, you can also duplicate a photo multiple times, if you want to put hundreds of copies of the same image on your device.

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