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Audiophile Test Sound Quality HomePod

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Audiophile test sound quality HomePod I am speechless

How good is the sound quality of the HomePod actually? An expert has extensively tested the smart speaker. His conclusion: “I am speechless”.

HomePod Sound Quality Tested

Through international HomePod reviews we understand that the new smart speaker from Apple sounds very good. But what is good? Now that the speaker is available in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, more people can get started with it. Including an esteemed Reddit user, who has subjected the speaker to an extensive test with measuring equipment.

Reddit user WinterCharm tested the HomePod for eight and a half hours and then analyzed the results for six hours. His conclusion: “I am speechless. The HomePod sounds even be


tter than the KEF X300A. “The KEF X300A is a prized speaker set of around 800 euros. “I even removed my first measurements and done everything again because they were so good. I thought I had made a mistake.

Audiophile Test Sound Quality HomePod

These pricing words support the Reddit user with a good deal of text about how he performed the test and the exact results, including different graphs. You can read this entire text here .

In the findings, the tester states that the highs are “exceptionally sharp” because there is hardly any distortion of the sound. Voices sound realistic and the bass is impressive and pleasant. In fact, “This tight bass control from inside the speaker is unheard of in the audio industry.”

Also downsides

Although the tester is mainly full of praise, he also mentions a few minuses. This way the speaker can only process digital files. So you can not do anything with analog input. He also calls the sticking in Apple’s ecosystem a disadvantage, because you are obliged to use AirPlay.

The tester also mentions Siri as a disadvantage and he is not the only one. Another test, about the cleverness of the speaker, shows that Siri can only answer half of a series of standard questions. Read more about how stupid the HomePod is .

HomePod in the Netherlands

It is not yet known when the HomePod will be available in the Netherlands. This spring, the device is released in France and Germany, making import a bit easier. Know when the speaker is available in the Netherlands? Sign up for our newsletter , or download the iPhoned360 app.

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