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Overview: All Shows Coming To Apple’s TV Service

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Apple is working hard on its own Netflix-like TV service , but with which exclusive series does the company want to convince you to subscribe? In this overview we bundle all Apple shows that come to the service.

Update January 29, 2018: Apple accepts Dana Tuinier

This is the Apple TV service offer

Although Apple prefers to develop its products and services in secret, that is difficult to do with a streaming service. There must be deals closed with studios and directors, and those agreements sooner or later leak out.

This has resulted in several rumors about series and films made for Apple’s service over the past few months . From now on we will put this in this overview, which is updated every time there is news.

Apple,iPhone,iPad,iPhoned360,News,Overview,Apple TV service,Overview,Apple TV

Great focus on comedy

Update Monday January 29, 2018: Apple’s TV team has a new addition to it. Dana Tuinier switches from Paramount Network to become the creative executive in the field of comedy. She is a well-known name, and has worked on Bob’s Citizens, Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey and New Girl. So expect a good dose of comedy on Apple’s service, also because Apple wants to make content for all ages. This can then be easily displayed in an Apple Store.

TV show about ‘Special houses’

This TV show is about special houses and the people who built them. The program would look for the craziest and most impressive houses in the world, and then give viewers a glimpse behind the front door. The first season of this series of houses contains ten episodes that each last an hour.

TV series Are You Sleeping?

This series is based on the book of the same name and has actress Octavia Spencer in the lead. It would be a psychological thriller, which follows the daughter of a murder victim and problematic family.

Amazing Stories by Steven Spielberg

Apple will revive the ‘Amazing Stories’ series of none other than Steven Spielberg. The show is originally from 1980 and has science fiction, horror and fantasy as themes. The video above shows you the first episode of the original series, which clearly indicates the atmosphere. It is a series of short stories that are independent of each other, but have the same themes.

Dramashow Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon

Apple has bought two seasons with two star actresses Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston. It starts with twenty episodes and revolves around the lives of two stars who present the news every morning. “How does the life of people who help America awaken, and what challenges are involved?”, According to the plot.

Comedy series with Kristen Wiig

Reese Witherspoon also works on a different comedy series. This consists of ten episodes and is based on a bundle of short stories by Curtis Sittenfeld called ‘You Think It, I’ll Say It. Furthermore, little is known about the exact subject and which actors are playing alongside Kristen Wiig.

Science fiction ration by Battlestar Galactica maker

Ronald D. Moore is one of the first known names that his new series will bring to Apple’s service. This is a familiar name for science fiction fans, because Moore has the popular remake of Battlestar Galactica to his name. He is now going to write a completely new ‘Space Drama’ for Apple. Although the show is made and written by Moore, the production is done by Matt Wolpert and Ben Nedivi, known from Fargo. Sony Pictures Television releases the show.

That Apple has gotten this big name is thanks to the team with TV experts who now work for the company. Two big names of Sony’s film division were the first to join Apple, and undoubtedly have warm contacts with Sony to make this deal possible.

Sci-fi drama by JJ Abrams

In addition to Ronald D. Moore, sci-fi fans JJ Abrams know of the new Star Wars films. Apple is currently competing with HBO for the rights to the series, which revolves around the world’s struggle against a ‘monstrous power’. If Apple succeeds in getting Abrams behind, it would again be a big name.

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