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This Is Apple’s New 18W Usb-C Charger For 2018 iPhones

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Apple's new 18W usb,apple usb,usb,usb-charger,iPhones

It is becoming increasingly apparent that all new iPhones that appear this fall will receive a USB charger. A leaked render shows this new charger.

Usb-c-iPhone charger pops up

Last week we heard about this new iPhone charger for the first time , which is becoming more concrete today. ChargerLab designed a render of the charger that we see this fall in the box of the three new 2018 iPhones. The render is made on the basis of the information from a source that would have close links with the Chinese production chain.

Apple's new 18W usb,apple usb,usb,usb-charger,iPhones

The charger itself is not even that interesting, especially the usb-c connection that can be seen on it. This means that Apple is bundling a Lightning to USB cable with an iPhone for the first time. According to ChargerLab, the charger has a capacity of 18 Watts, a considerable upgrade compared to the 5 Watt charger that you still get with an iPhone. In fact, if this rumor is correct, then this new charger is even faster than the 10 and 12 watt charger that is in the box of iPads.

Three new iPhones in September

That the three 2018 iPhones that appear in September to support fast-charging would be no surprise. The iPhone 8 , 8 Plus and iPhone X from last year do this already. To use this, you are obliged to purchase a (pricey) adapter and cable. That will also have ensured that many people have an iPhone that can be charged quickly, but do not use this function.

Apple will, as it looks now, reveal three new iPhones in September. A new 6.1 inch budget model with an LCD display, a successor to the iPhone X and a larger iPhone X Plus with a 6.5 inch screen.

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