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Apple Wants To Distinguish Apple TV With New Focus On Games

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Apple Wants To Distinguish Apple TV With New Focus On Games

Apple seems to be looking for a new way to distinguish Apple TV from the competition. A new patent suggests that the company wants to focus more on the world of video games.

Apple Investigates Apple TV Game Computer

Last month, research showed that the Apple TV sales figures are not comparable with Google’s Chromecast. Consumers can hardly be wrong: the Chromecast is much cheaper, and if you onlywant to stream videos from Netflix or YouTube to your TV, the options are more than enough.

Apple TV,How Apple TV can become a sales success

Yet Apple TV has more to offer, as we also explain in the article below. Apple also seems to see this, as Patently discovered Apple in a just filed and approved patent. The patent states that Apple is investigating various ways to make gaming a more important part of Apple TV.

The patent follows a different patent from two months ago, showing that Apple is investigating a technique by an ex-PlayStation CEO. This technique specifically focuses on games and can come in handy in few other cases.

A New Way To Distinguish?

The two patents are striking, because Apple also amply discussed games during the unveiling of the fourth generation Apple TV. Thanks to tvOS, the Apple TV has its own App Store, which has a few games appearing. However, these are almost always ports of iPhone and iPad games.Rarely do we encounter a game that was made especially for the Apple TV.

If Apple makes it work to further expand the game options of the device, and developers are prepared to get started, the company can develop a unique advantage over Chromecast.

Do you want to turn the Apple TV into a game console? Or do you prefer that the product focuses on something else? Let us know in the comments below.

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