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Netflix-Apple’s Unannounced TV Service Is Becoming A Formidable Competitor

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Apple,New,Netflix 'Apple's unannounced TV service is becoming a formidable competitor

Apple has not yet announced its TV service, but Netflix already sees the Cupertino company as a major competitor. Especially when Apple’s video service is bundled with Apple Music.

Apple TV service Netflix competitor

Netflix today unveils its quarterly results for the fourth quarter of 2017. The streaming service performed above expectations, with more than eight million new subscribers and a turnover of 3.29 billion dollars.

During the conversation with investors, however, Apple quickly came up. Netflix sees Apple as a potential competitor, especially now that the company is working hard to put together a TV offer. In recent months, Apple has already had a large number of TV shows and series, for a streaming service that the company is likely to announce in the course of this year.

Netflix makes an interesting prediction about Apple’s TV service: the company expects it to be bundled with Apple Music or iOS , making it extra attractive for iPhone and iPad users to give the service a chance.

Bundle with iOS or Apple Music

“We expect Apple to link its service to Apple Music or iOS to accommodate the growing offer of programming.” That Netflix pays attention to something Apple has not even officially announced, clearly shows that they are already seen as serious player on the TV market.

Are you planning to take a subscription to Apple’s service? In the overview below we list all the series that come to the streaming service.

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