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Apple Makes iPhone X Successor This Fall Cheaper Than iPhone X

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Normally, the new high-end iPhones are just as expensive or more expensive than their predecessors. Apple now seems to want to sell the iPhone X successor for the first time cheaper than its predecessor.

Apple Wants To Make iPhone X 2018 Cheaper

According to analyst Luke Lin of DigiTimes , Apple has received a financial windfall. The company could have significantly reduced the production costs of the new iPhone X, making it a lot cheaper to make an iPhone than is currently the case.

This would make the new iPhone X 10 percent cheaper than the current iPhone X . This big difference can, according to Lin, have major consequences for the three iPhones that would be announced in September.

Second impression: the iPhone X after four months

Lin says that Apple is now planning to launch this 5.8 inch iPhone X successor as the cheapest iPhone of the three. This is in line with another rumor that states that the specifications of this iPhone are the least good of the three.

This would mean that the 5.8-inch iPhone would be the cheapest ‘entry-level iPhone’, and the plan for the 6.1-inch iPhone with an LCD screen was put on hold. Earlier rumors argued that this LCD iPhone would be the cheapest.

Yet No LCD iPhone This Fall?

According to Lin, the LCD project is on the loose because the demand for the iPhone X is disappointing. As a result, Apple needs fewer OLED screens from Samsung than was thought, as a result of which the price of the panels went down.

If the analyst is right, Apple will release a cheaper version of the iPhone X and an iPhone X Plus this fall. What happens next with the 6.1 inch iPhone is unclear. Although Digitimes has often not been right in the past when it comes to iPhone rumors.

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