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Apple Face ID Will Only Get Real Competition In Two Years

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With Face ID , Apple has set a new standard for mobile face recognition. And it will take at least until 2019 until competitors have an answer to this.

Face ID Competition Only In 2019

Reuters writes today that Apple has a big advantage over Android phones in face recognition. By talking to three major manufacturers, Reuters learned that almost all competing smartphones have to wait at least until 2019 to present a similar technique.

This mainly has a practical reason: there are simply not enough parts to make all those advanced 3D scanners. Both Viavi Solutions, Ams AG and Finisar Corp claim to have a shortage of parts, while these are the three largest suppliers in this area.

For example, Bill Ong from Viavi Solutions says it will take a long time before Apple gets serious competition. “At the earliest, there will be a manufacturer at the end of this year who introduces a 3D scanner, but the number remains very small. In 2019 two manufacturers will then come back.

Only when this production starts we will see more and more smartphones with a 3D scanner. The researchers at Gartner therefore think that the percentage of smartphones with 3D scanners is only 40 percent in 2021.

A Unique Position

This gives Apple a unique position in the market, because locking a smartphone with your face is safer than a fingerprint. The scanner of the iPhone X takes it differently than that of, for example, the OnePlus 5T and Galaxy S9 : these phones use the normal front camera to recognize a face, while Face ID makes a complete 3D scan of a person’s face. This makes the scan more accurate and allows for extra details, which makes it much more difficult to fool the scanner.

That Apple is now coming up with a new commercial that puts Face ID in the spotlight is not a coincidence. Because although companies do their best to copy the notch and Animoji from the iPhone X , it is a lot harder to take the technology that distinguishes Face ID

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