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Our iPhone SE 2 Expectations: 5 Improvements To Look Forward

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Our iPhone SE 2 Expectations: 5 Improvements To Look Forward

The iPhone SE 2 is only a few weeks away from us, but thanks to all the rumors we already know a lot about the successor of Apple’s smallest iPhone. These are our five expectations.

iPhone SE 2 Expectations

The first iPhone SE threw big eyes at the time, because it put the power of an iPhone 6S in the small casing of an iPhone 5S . This gives you a handy smartphone for a reasonable price, which does not surpass the best phones of the moment.

It is therefore not surprising that the expectations for the SE 2 are high. What is Apple planning with the new device, does it still look like an iPhone 5S and what will be the performance? Read our expectations below.

Our iPhone SE 2 Expectations: 5 Improvements To Look Forward

Specs: An iPhone 7 In Miniature

The iPhone SE is still using the A9 chip of the iPhone 6S, which has now had its best time. That is why Apple would put a newer chip in the SE 2, which is known to iPhone 7 owners: the A10 chip would also make its appearance for the SE 2 alongside the 7 and 7 Plus. This chip is not only faster than its A9 predecessor, but especially a lot more energy-efficient. Good news for the battery life of the device.

Design: Slightly Larger Screen, Same Size

Do not expect a mini-iPhone X when the iPhone SE 2 is unveiled. The device would still look like an ‘older’ iPhone, but will receive a number of adjustments.

According to rumors, the screen edges are made smaller so that a larger screen fits into the same small housing. The screen would therefore not measure 4 inches, but 4.2 inches.

Glass Back For Wireless Charging

Despite the similar design, you can distinguish an iPhone SE 2 directly from its predecessor. This is due to the glass back that the SE 2 gets, just like the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus . This not only looks good, but also has a practical reason: it is necessary to support wireless charging.

Apple said last year that it was fully committed to a wireless future, and the iPhone SE 2 would be completely free to recharge.

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No Face ID And A Home Button With Touch ID

The iPhone X set a new standard at the end of last year with Face ID and a design without home button. The iPhone SE 2 however, adheres to the recognizable design of the iPhone 8. That means that you do not unlock the SE 2 with your face, but simply by putting your finger on the Touch ID sensor.

Unveiled At The End Of March, Available In April

As it looks now, Apple will unveil the iPhone SE 2 at the end of March during the first keynote of 2018. After that the device will be available in the Netherlands in the course of April. At the time of writing, however, Apple has not yet sent any invitations for this keynote.

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