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Second Impression: The iPhone X After Four Months

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Second impression: the iPhone X after four months

Since our iPhone X review in November, we have used the device intensively every day. Does the device still look so good four months later, and is it really the future of the smartphone?

iPhone X Second Impression

When we first got hold of the iPhone X four months ago , the new controls were particularly used to getting used to. For years, the iOS control system revolved around the home button, which disappeared spontaneously with the arrival of the X. That’s why it was up to us to master a new operation, with sweeping across the screen playing a central role.

After a few days the operation felt familiar, and now we do not want to go back to how it was first. Every time we hold an older iPhone, we wipe the screen a few times in vain. We can not do without the fast switching between apps, which makes the new operation possible.

That high speed in the operation comes in handy, because also with regard to performance is the X by far the fastest iPhone that we have ever used. Whether you browse through dozens of active apps or play a demanding game; the iPhone X continuously performs at the highest level. The only thing you notice that the iPhone is heavily loaded, is that the device will get a bit warmer for a short time.

Camera Impresses, Especially With RAW

We already had many favorable words about the camera of the iPhone X in the original review. We would like to add another line four months later. The camera of the X continues to amaze us time and time again, especially if you immerse yourself in making RAW photos with your iPhone.

This is the first ‘small’ iPhone with a dual lens, and that is reflected in the quality. Whether you shoot a picture in the sun or record a moment during a concert in a dark room: the colors splash from your screen and you can often zoom in without having to compromise on quality.

The front camera has also improved, although we are less enthusiastic about the new Portrait Lighting feature that Apple introduced with the iPhone 8 Plus and X. With the function, the iPhone X simulates professional studio lamps, so that you can let the entire background disappear if you want to highlight a person or object.

Every now and then this gives a great effect, but in most cases hair falls away, or the lighting cuts away a piece of clothing. Just like the Portrait mode, which blurs the background, there is still room for improvement to make this function truly of added value.

Second impression: the iPhone X after four months

The Notch Accepted

The biggest question we were curious about with the arrival of the iPhone X has everything to do with the notch. Would we get used to the cut-out at the top of the screen after a while? Or is it still a thorn in the eye that stands in the way of a real front-filling display?

Four months later we are fully accustomed to the notch, as with the new operation. It is not the finest design choice that Apple has ever made, but on the other hand the notch is rarely in the way. On the left and right of the notch, in 90 percent of the cases there is only room for the time and the battery icon. Only when you watch a video and the X turns a quarter turn, you notice that a snack is taken from the video on the side. This can be annoying in some cases, but it does not get in the way.

Meanwhile, the Android competition also seems convinced that the notch is the best solution for now. This week, one after the other manufacturer announced an iPhone X clone, with the big difference that in the notches of these devices is not the advanced technology that makes Face ID possible.

Face ID

Because after four months Face ID is mainly the technique we are most impressed with. Apple took a big gamble by deleting the Touch ID fingerprint scanner and completely switching to face recognition, but eventually made the right decision. While competing devices all still have a fingerprint scanner, Apple is the only one with such a good face scanner to omit it. Face ID is therefore excellent in 95 percent of cases.

Now that the camera has had the time to get to know the characteristics of my face, the scanner not only responds more accurately but also faster. Even when I’m packed in a scarf and hood, the Face ID camera recognizes me. Even in the dark, the scanner works well, and you do not have to force the iPhone for your face in order to let him do his work.

In the remaining five percent of cases Face ID gives an error message because the device is too close to my face, or there is something in the way to make the scanner work properly. In any case, it convinced us that facial recognition is the future, and in a few years we will hardly see smartphones with a fingerprint scanner. The fact that Face ID makes Animoji possible is in particular a nice bonus.

Conclusion iPhone X Second Impression

In the original review we already stated that the iPhone X is worth its high purchase price, but not for everyone. As far as we’re concerned, this opinion has not changed much: the iPhone X is intended for Apple users who want to get started with the latest of the latest and are willing to pay a top prize.

If you do not feel yourself addressed by this description, we recommend that you wait a few more months. In September, Apple would reveal three successors to the iPhone X, one of which focuses specifically on the group that is still in doubt. If you are now ready for a new phone, then the iPhone X is the best device available in our opinion.

Buy iPhone X.

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Second impression the iPhone X after four months

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