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Android Embraces The iPhone X Notch With Blatant Clones

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Android Embraces The iPhone X Notch With Blatant Clones

As always, Apple is not present at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. But by all Android manufacturers who present their iPhone X clones there, you would almost think so.

The iPhone X Clones From MWC 2018

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) is one of the largest tech fairs in the world. Big names such as Samsung, Sony and Nokia show their latest devices there, which will be released later in 2018. Apple has been organizing its own Apple events for years to announce new products, and for that reason MWC is switching.

Android Embraces The iPhone X Notch With Blatant Clones

Nevertheless, this year’s company from Cupertino could not ignore the trading floor in Barcelona. One after the other smartphone brand announced his iPhone X clone, including notch and tilted (double) camera lens on the back.

Leagoo presented the S9, a device that they themselves describe as the ‘first Android iPhone X’. The device has an almost identical cutout at the top of the display, but at the bottom the screen edge is wide enough to show the Leagoo logo.

Also a Chinese company with the mysterious name ‘Blackview’ presented at the fair the A30, a device that runs a special skin from Android to fool people as much as possible that they have an iPhone X in their hands. See for yourself:

Android Embraces The iPhone X Notch With Blatant Clones

The Fruit Phone X

Asus goes one step further than Leagoo. During the unveiling of the ZenFone 5 , the company could not finish a sentence without mentioning Apple. To limit the amount of free publicity, Asus chose to describe the iPhone X throughout the presentation as the ‘Fruit Phone X’. A device where the ZenFone 5 according to Asus is of course on several fronts.

Behind the person talking to each other the keynote passed one picture after another that lifted the notion of vicarious shame to a new level. For example, Asus proudly states that ‘the notch of the ZenFone 5 is 26 percent smaller’ than that of the ‘Fruit Phone X’. On the image the large edge at the bottom of the device was not visible.

In a conversation with The Verge , Marcel Campos, head of marketing at Asus, comments: “Some people will say that we are copying Apple, but we can not ignore what the user wants. Sometimes you just have to follow a trend.

Android Embraces The iPhone X Notch With Blatant Clones

The Notch As A Design Trend

Although the notch is now apparently a trend, the imitations all differ on one level: on the back of these devices a circular fingerprint scanner is present. This is not an original design decision, but an emergency solution because no device has as good face recognition as Apple’s Face ID . While Apple has filled the cut-out in the iPhone X display with advanced sensors, there is often no more than a front camera and microphone processed in the competing notches.

Samsung and Sony choose to skip the notch and not join the trend. Yet the two brands together with (of course) Asus do their own version of Apples Animoji. As a result, there are plenty of colorful figurines on MWC that mirror their expression with your facial expression. And that is remarkable, because Apple’s competitors initially agreed with each other about the ‘ugly design’ of the iPhone X and the ‘superfluous’ Animoji. Now MWC 2018 is the ultimate proof that Apple is still the trendsetter that it has been for years.

Do you want to know more about MWC 2018? Our colleagues from Android Planet report live from the exhibition floor.

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