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Consumer Reports: ‘iPhone X Has The Best Smartphone Camera Of Today’

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Consumer Reports: 'iPhone X Has The Best Smartphone Camera Of Today'

From an extensive test by Consumer Reports, the iPhone is an absolute winner when it comes to smartphone photography. The top 3 is completely filled by Apple’s devices.

iPhone X Best Smartphone Camera

In recent years, Consumer Reports has regularly published studies that have been negative for Apple. The company was critical of the new MacBook Pro, and seriously questioned the battery quality of Apple’s laptops.

As far as photography is concerned, Consumer Reports can hardly be more positive about the company from Cupertino. In the top ten with best smartphone cameras, no fewer than six iPhones are listed. The complete list is as follows.

Consumer Reports: 'iPhone X Has The Best Smartphone Camera Of Today'

The Top 10 Smartphone Cameras According To Consumer Reports:

  1. Apple iPhone X
  2. Apple iPhone 8
  3. Apple iPhone 8 Plus
  4. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
  5. Apple iPhone 7
  6. Apple iPhone 6s Plus
  7. Samsung Galaxy S8
  8. Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  9. Apple iPhone 7 Plus
  10. Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

The research praises the iPhone X for the double 12 megapixel camera, which together with Apple’s own image processor, pixel processor, color filters and better filters ensures the best results. Consumer Reports also speaks about the portrait photographs that are given a new dimension with the Portrait Exposure function.

Outstanding Results

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus round the top 3, though we find it remarkable that the iPhone 8 scores higher than the 8 Plus. The 8 Plus has the same double camera lens as the iPhone X, while the iPhone 8 still has to do with a single lens. Why Consumer Reports prefers 8 to 8 Plus is not entirely clear. It also seems strong that the iPhone 6S Plus better pictures than the iPhone 7 Plus.

And that is not the only thing that this research leaves us with question marks. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are both in the list, in two different positions. And that while the cameras of these devices should be identical to each other. The Google Pixel 2 is also completely missing from the list, a device that has been named by the DxOMark camera experts as one of the best smartphone cameras of the moment.

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