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First iPhone X Plus Parts With A 6.5-Inch Screen Leaked

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First iPhone X Plus parts with a 6.5-inch screen leaked

While we are cautiously looking forward to the iPhone SE 2 , Apple is already working hard on the iPhones of September. Today we get the first concrete indication of iPhone X Plus parts.

iPhone X Plus Parts Leaked

We’ve heard for a number of months that Apple is launching three new iPhones this autumn just like last year. No parts have yet been leaked about the successor to the iPhone X and the cheaper iPhone X budget model . But the new iPhone X Plus does show up in photos from the factory today.

A photo shared on the MacX forum claims to show the display and the associated electronics of the big brother of the X. The device would get a 6.5-inch oled screen, which according to the source is made by a LG factory in Vietnam.

What is striking about the picture is the size of the ‘Notch’ at the top of the screen. It seems to be slightly smaller than the one in the iPhone X, though this may also be a blind eye because the 6.5-inch display is simply a lot bigger than the 5.8-inch iPhone X display panel. We heard earlier about Apple’s ambitions to reduce the cropping at the top of the screen, although this would not happen until 2019 at the earliest.

First iPhone X Plus Parts With A 6.5-Inch Screen Leaked

Samsung Loses Exclusive Deal

Under the screen is the necessary electronics attached, which can be attached to the motherboard of the iPhone. The serial number on this part corresponds to the one that Apple usually uses for this type of item.

If the photo can be trusted, it means that Samsung no longer has the exclusive right to make iPhone X screens. Last year, the company was the only party that developed OLED displays for Apple’s device, but that exclusive deal seems to be over. Not surprising as well, because this fall two extra OLED iPhones appear that all need a screen. By cooperating with LG, Apple also becomes less dependent on one of its biggest competitors.

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