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The Best Keyboard Apps For iPhone and iPad

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The 4 best keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad

Every iPhone and iPad uses the Apple keyboard as standard, but there are plenty of alternatives in the App Store to give a chance. In our opinion, these are the best alternative keyboard apps for iOS.

The Best Keyboard Apps For iPhone and iPad

The popular keyboard Swype stops. Nuance, the maker of the keyboard, has taken the app directly from the App Store and Play Store. The company now wants to focus on making keyboards for smartphone makers. Fortunately, there are plenty of other keyboards in the App Store. Below we list our four favorites.

The 4 best keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad

1. SwiftKey

SwiftKey is one of the best known keyboard apps for iOS. He has been there since the introduction of alternative keyboards in 2014, and is still constantly being updated. SwiftKey is a comprehensive keyboard that offers many possibilities for customization. You can use the standard version, but in the app you will also find other colors to show it to your liking.

In addition, Swiftkey offers useful options that you can switch on and off. Think of autocorrect, double-tap the space for a period and the so-called SwiftKey Flow, with which you can type by swiping your finger from letter to letter (just like Swype). Words are almost always recognized and it makes typing a lot faster. If you prefer typing by tapping and writing a word incorrectly, you can point the word in the bar above the keyboard, where suggestions are made. SwiftKey supports two languages ​​at the same time.

Also fun: the app keeps track of whether you have become more productive, how many typos are corrected and how many words are well predicted. The app only offers no support for gifs and there is no 3D Touch on the keyboard to move the cursor.

→ Download SwiftKey from the App Store (free)

SwiftKey Keyboard (AppStore Link)  SwiftKey KeyboardDeveloper: TouchType Ltd

 Assessment: 4+

 Price: Free                                       Download

The 4 best keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad

2. Gboard

Gboard is the keyboard of Google and that brings a little handiness. By tapping the Google icon, you can enter search queries from your keyboard. Results are displayed with handy small cards at the location of your keys. You can share them right away in the app where you use Gboard. This works well to share websites and news, and also send pictures and gifs in this way.

Various themes can also be set for Gboard. There is a dark and light version, you can select landscapes or use a photo from your gallery as a background. In addition, you indicate in the app’s settings to search for contacts and to share your location, for example to display the weather forecast and nearby restaurants.

With Gboard it is possible to swipe over the letters to type. Conveniently, the keyboard supports up to three languages ​​at the same time. That is ideal if you sometimes use English words, Gboard then knows what you mean. Also nice: there is 3D Touch support, so you can move the cursor by pressing and moving harder on the keyboard. This also works via the space bar.

→ Download Gboard in the App Store (free)

Gboard (AppStore Link)  GboardDeveloper: Google, Inc.

 Assessment: 4+

 Price:  Free                       Download

The Best Keyboard Apps For iPhone and iPad

3. Fleksy

Fleksy also requires that you have to download and install the Dutch language separately, but the keyboard can be completely customized. Not only does the app offer dozens of free colors and theme packages, you can also add extensions to the keyboard. You can use the letters on the right, for example, if you want to type with only your right thumb, which is great for the larger screens of, for example, the iPhone 8 Plus . Furthermore, it is possible to give keystrokes some effects, such as hearts when you touch letters.

The Fleksy keyboard has added support for gifs and stickers that you can search for. A big downside is that both app and keyboard sometimes lingers and you can not type, so we experienced. Do you also suffer from it, then we recommend the app, because a keyboard must always be immediately usable.

→ Download Fleksy in the App Store

Fleksy- GIF, Web & Yelp Search (AppStore Link)  Fleksy- GIF, Web & Yelp SearchDeveloper: Fleksy, Inc.

 Rating: 17+

 Price: Free      Download


4. Minuum

‘The Little Keyboard for Big Fingers’ are what the makers of Minuum call their app. This is the only one in the list for which you pay, in this case an amount of 3.99 euros. With Minuum you can sweep down the keyboard to put it very narrow at the bottom of the screen. The keyboard takes up little space, but you can continue to type.

Minuum offers dozens of themes to personalize and has several useful options for sweeping movements. Up and down changes the size of the keyboard, swipe left to delete a word, and right to add a space. There is also support for typing with one hand and words and emoji are predicted.

Minuum is not as extensive as other apps in this list, it lacks 3D Touch support and gifs, but the small keyboard can be a reason to give it a try. IOS has also had a similar keyboard since iOS 11that is easier to operate with a hand. You can read how this works in the tip below.

→ Download Minuum in the App Store (3.99 euro)

Minuum - The Little Keyboard for Big Fingers (AppStore Link) Minuum – The Little Keyboard for Big FingersDeveloper: Whirlscape Inc

Assessment: 4+

Price: € 4.49        Download

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