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Apple Requires iPhone X Support For All New Apps

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To ensure that more and more apps fill the new screen (with notch) of the iPhone X , Apple requires iPhone X support. But what about existing apps?

Apple Requires iPhone X Support

In a message to developers, Apple said that all apps submitted from April should support the iPhone X’s Super Retina display. That means that all new iOS apps have to fill the border less 5.8 inch display and the notch at the top. In addition, all these apps must be created with the iOS 11 sdk.

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That Apple is setting this deadline is not surprising. This autumn, three new iPhones will appear that all take over the design of the iPhone X. If there are plenty of apps around that time with large black edges at the top and bottom, that is immediately outdated. By this kind of rules, Apple also prevents the App Store from looking out of date.

Existing Apps Not Affected

However, Apple’s new rule does not apply to existing apps, and even if these current apps are submitting an update, iPhone X support is not required. Apps such as Google’s Inbox, which have not built in support for the latest iPhone for over three months, are therefore not forced by the scheme to rush with an update.

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