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Apple Releases Cheaper HomePod Later This Year

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Apple may bring a cheaper HomePod to the market this fall. The smart speaker costs between $ 149 and $ 199, instead of the $ 349 you pay for the current version. We can also prepare ourselves for a new iPhone SE, iPad Pro and iPhone X with Apple Pencil.

Cheaper HomePod Will Follow Later This Year

According to analyst Jun Zhang , Apple will release a cheaper HomePod later this year  . Where the current smarter speaker costs $ 349, you put down for the new variant between $ 149 and $ 199. It is unclear what this price difference is based on.

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Last week, the HomePod came out in the United States. In particular, Apple highlights the excellent speakers, so the sound quality is better than that of the competition. The first HomePod reviews do indeed praise the excellent sounds, but they are less enthusiastic about Siri. It is possible that the cheaper version has lesser speakers, so with a sharper price tag in the market can be put.

Does Apple Follow The Strategy Of Amazon?

Amazon took it after all with the Echo Dot, her own ‘smart’ speaker. The Dot’s sound quality is less compared to the regular Echo, but this could take away about 50 dollars from the price. This leaves money to provide several rooms with a Dot. However, the question remains whether Apple is willing to sacrifice the biggest showpiece, namely the sound quality.

‘New iPhone SE And iPad Pro in The Making’

Zhang thinks that Apple will also be introducing a new iPhone SE this year  , as well as an iPad Pro with TrueDepth camera. We saw this camera for the first time at the iPhone X. The smart camera enables Face ID, or facial recognition. This prediction was also recently made by another analyst. In the corridors is mentioned that Apple this year three new iPhone X phonesrelease, all with Face ID.

The analyst thinks that the biggest of the bunch, the suspected iPhone X Plus with 6.5 inch screen, gets its own Apple Pencil . As a result, Apple puts the phone directly in front of Samsung’s Note-series. These phablets are known for their iconic S-Pen stylus.

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