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4 Reasons Why You Should Play Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

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Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is now available for iOS. It’s the full console game, but then streamlined and free to try on iOS.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

The latest part of the celebrated Final Fantasy series has found its way to the App Store. It is not just direct transfer, like the old games in this role-playing series. Square-Enix has chosen a complete remake, with its own style and a more streamlined experience. Although the characters now suddenly look very strange, the game is more than worth it. This is why.

1. Big streamlined adventure

When you start a Final Fantasy game, you know you can expect a great adventure and that is no different with FFXV: Pocket Edition. You will travel as Prince Noctis and his comrades, but you will soon end up in a war after which the story goes all sorts of crazy ways. The game offers the complete story as FFXV for the game console, but with less hassle. This makes the game a bit shorter, but it plays very well.

2. Characters you will love

Noctis has three friends who always stay with him. You will really love this group while you play. The quartet has a lot of fun to say, they camp and cook together and always help each other out of the fire. The voices, music and other sounds have been picked directly from the large version, so that is perfectly organized.

3. Great fighting system

On the console you controlled Noctis with the camera behind you, while you teleport and attack the playing field. In Pocket Edition you view the game from above. You tap the enemies to attack, after which the characters do their thing. The fighting system becomes fun by counterattacking and the possibility to jump away from an attack just in time. You also activate special attacks from your friends to do extra damage. This plays very well and because you unlock new possibilities, it remains interesting.

4. Game is free to try

The game is divided into ten chapters. The first is free to play. That is great, because that way you get a good idea of ​​the complete game and you can make the decision whether the rest is what you are. The second and third chapter cost 1.09 euros each. The chapters after that are a bit more expensive. If you buy the entire package immediately, you deposit 21,99 euros. It costs a lot more than the average iOS game, but you also get a lot in return with an amazing quality. You can find the game via the link below in the App Store.

→ Download Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition from the App Store (free)


Rating: 9+

Price: Free             Download

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