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MacBook Pro: review, prices and all versions in a row

The MacBook Pro is the high-end model in Apple’s popular notebook range. The device is very popular due to the combination of excellent specifications and a beautiful, slim design. The MacBook Pro was introduced in 2006 and replaced in October 2012 with a new model. In October 2016, the MacBook Pro was completely renewed, including with a Touch Bar. This small touchscreen adds context-sensitive touchscreen buttons.

On this page we show you which models are currently available and on which fronts they differ from each other. You will also find extensive MacBook Pro 2016 information here, from the latest news to clear specifications. In addition to the MacBook Pro, Apple also has the MacBook Air and the MacBook introduced in 2015 in its portfolio.

Discover the different MacBook Pro models

Wondering which MacBook Pro models are currently available? Below we have listed them. Click on the tab to find out more about the model in question.

Macbook Pro 2016

It took a while, but finally it happened: Apple gives the MacBook Pro a thorough makeover. The laptop is thinner, lighter, but at the same time more powerful than ever. The device is also equipped with a unique Touch Pad that enables context-sensitive actions.


Apple is switching to Intel’s Skylake processor with the MacBook Pro. These chips are already used by competitors, and have not only proven themselves as powerful but also very energy efficient. Ideal for laptops, so that they have to do without an outlet regularly. All variants of the laptop can last for at least ten hours without charging. The MacBook is also equipped with a Radeon Pro-GPU to take the graphical power to a higher level.

MacBook Pro 2016 review

The 2016 MacBook Pro has everything on board that you can expect from an improved MacBook: better performance, a nicer screen and a subtle renewed design. The bigger trackpad is great and the new keyboard also ticks away. Because the Touch Bar has not yet proven itself, it also stays there. The fact that Apple almost obliges users to carry one or two adapters continuously, also leaves a nasty aftertaste. This makes it very difficult to justify the sky-high starting price.

Also read the full written review , or view our video review below:

TouchBar replaces function keys

The big innovation, however, is the introduction of a touchscreen OLED bar that can be found above the number keys. Apple calls this the ‘Touch Bar’. This touch-sensitive screen replaces the function keys, and has to become more functional in different situations. Because this is a display, apps can arrange the OLED bar exactly as they want. For example, Apple Music and Spotify can place playback controls, and you can use your favorite shortcuts when using Photoshop.

The TouchBar also has an integrated fingerprint scanner, so you can unlock the MacBook with your Touch ID in a safe and fast way. This Touch ID sensor would be included in the Power button, so you unlock the MacBook immediately when you start it up.

The MacBook Pro has four Thunderbolt 3 ports, for which Apple uses the USB-C connection. These ports can thus be used to charge your MacBook but also to charge other devices. Space for a memory card and MagSafe connection have been deleted, but fortunately the headphone port is present.

There are three variants of the MacBook Pro 2016. The basic model is available from 1699 euros and has a 13 inch screen. Unfortunately, this variant does not have a Touch Pad. A second 13 inch variant is slightly more powerful but does have a touch screen. The real powerhouse is the 15 inch Macbook Pro, with solid hardware and a Touch Pad.

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