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iOS 11.3 Contains Directions To The New iPad With Face ID

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In the code of iOS 11.3 you can find directions to a ‘modern iPad’. Probably it is a new iPad Pro , which includes Face ID.

iPad Pro With Face ID Coming

There has been a long time speculation about a new iPad Pro and now it seems that the tablet actually comes. The clues were found by Filipe Espósito, who refers to a ‘modern iPad’. A similar was found for the release of the new iPhone, and eventually appeared to point to the X iPhone . It is therefore plausible that Apple is working on a new iPad Pro with some functions of the iPhone X, such as Face ID .

The technique is the most important innovation of the X and makes face recognition possible. Where the current iPads are still provided with Touch ID, the new Pro enables the device to be unlocked simply by looking at it. This may also mean that Animoji will come to the iPad, although Apple still has some work to do. After all, Face ID has to work in portrait and landscape mode.

iOS 11.3 and new iPad Pro

Apple announced iOS 11.3 this week and immediately announced what’s new in the update. There are four new Animoji, ARKit is provided with a major update, you can put your medical passport in the Health app and iOS gives you more insight into the state of your iPhone battery. Also important is that with iOS 11.3 your location is sent when you call the emergency number. This is done by the addition of Advanced Mobile Location.

Because the instructions for a new iPad Pro in iOS 11.3 have been found, there is a chance that the device will be announced during an event in March. According to the latest rumors, Apple comes with a successor to the iPhone SE , the iPhone SE 2 . This device most likely will not receive a Face ID, but would have a glass back for wireless charging.

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