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Share The System Preferences Of Macos To Your Liking

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In the System Preferences of the Mac you adjust the settings of macOS , but did you know that you can organize the System Preferences yourself? In this article you can read how.

MacOS Customize system preferences

As a Mac user, you can not help but use the System Preferences screen. Here you set up various components of the macOS operating system. Think of settings for the sound, screen saver and Siri . What exactly is shown and how they are organized, you can adjust to your own wishes.

Which parts do you want to see?

In the ‘System Preferences’ window there are all sorts of icons that lead to different settings. But you will never use or need some of them. Those you can miss are to be deleted from the window. You do that with the steps below.

  1. Open ‘System Preferences’ via the apple at the top left of the screen;
  2. Select ‘View’ in the menu bar at the top;
  3. Click on ‘Customize …’;
  4. Uncheck the boxes at settings that you do not want to show.

Organize how the System Preferences are shown

MacOS gives you multiple options to organize the panels in System Preferences. You arrange that ranking of the icons.

  1. Go to the ‘System Preferences’ and go to ‘View’ in the menu bar;
  2. Click on ‘Sort by category’ to group them by category;
  3. Click on ‘Sort alphabetically’ if you find that more logical search.

To your own taste

It is therefore impossible to decide for yourself where the icons are located. You sort by category, or you sort alphabetically. To view all options, go to the ‘View’ option in System View. From there you make adjustments, but in that window the settings are also all under each other, so that you can open them from there. By clicking on ‘Show all preferences’ under ‘View’, you will also see them all.

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