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iPhone 8 Plus Review: The Best Version Of An Outdated Concept

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iPhone 8 Plus review: the best version of an outdated concept

The iPhone 8 Plus has the same dimensions as last year, but in 2017 feels bigger and more logger than ever. Are the improvements good enough to purchase this heavyweight? And when is it relevant for you to switch?

Note: For general information about the iPhone 8 Plus you can go to our iPhone 8 review . Many things that we discuss in this extensive review also apply to the 8 Plus. To avoid overlap, in this article we mainly focus on the things that make this smartphone unique.

iPhone 8 Plus review

How the iPhone 8 to 7 seems much the iPhone Plus 8 seems this year the 7 Plus . Apple chooses to leave the design almost unchanged, with the exception of a glass back. This mainly ensures that the iPhone 8 Plus (even more than the iPhone 8) looks and feels old-fashioned. While competitors like the Note 8 make a more portable device with a similar screen, you can still look at thick screen edges with the 8 Plus. This makes the device feel even bigger and more logger than its predecessor, also because the glass back adds extra weight.

If, however, you look beyond the design, you will see that Apple has improved the iPhone 8 Plus on almost every level. This is mainly due to the new A11 chip, which keeps the entire device running. The chip consists of six cores, which can perform both light and heavy tasks better.

iPhone 8 Plus Review: The Best Version Of An Outdated Concept

This ensures in practice that not only playing games and editing videos runs smoothly, but you also fly smoother through your homescreen and apps. Tests have already shown that this chip can compete with the latest MacBook Pro, and even the iPad Pro gives it a check. If you just look at speed, the iPhone 8 Plus is the best smartphone you can get at home.

Apple has this advantage over competitors because they can seamlessly connect the chip to iOS 11 , so you can achieve even better performance with less powerful hardware. Although the 8 Plus has the same chip as the smaller iPhone 8, the Plus model is equipped with an extra GB of RAM. He needs this working memory for the double camera lens, just like last year.

Double camera is better than ever

That double lens may look the same as last year, but has learned some impressive new tricks. Although a wide-angle and telephoto lens is still being used that shoots 12 megapixel photos, the software of the camera has improved. This makes the camera shoot more beautiful photos in Portrait mode, and the brand new Portrait exposure is added.

iPhone 8 Plus Review: The Best Version Of An Outdated Concept

This mode gives you four options to artificially adjust the exposure. So it seems like a spotlight shines on someone, or you turn a lamp on someone’s face. Because all this is controlled by software, you can also adjust this afterwards, as long as you have shot the photo in the new Portrait exposure mode.

With Portrait Lighting, the 8 Plus has a unique function that will undoubtedly be used a lot. It is a simple way to make a picture of a person more beautiful, without the picture looking too edited. The function is currently still in beta, so you get some crazy results here and there. However, because you can easily remove the effect, Apple prevents photos from being unintentionally ruined.

The double camera lens also lets you optically zoom and zoom up to 10 times digitally. Colors look nicer than the 7 Plus was the case, with less noise. However, we mainly focus on the details here, because we already found the camera of the iPhone 7 Plus very good. The small improvements make the 8 Plus slightly better, but do not expect huge differences if you are used to a 7 Plus.

What we noticed during testing for this iPhone 8 Plus review was the quality of the photos in the dark. Different light sources come out a lot better, and even in situations with less light objects and people stay in the picture. Check out the examples above to get an idea of ​​this.

True Tone and wireless charging

Except for the improved camera and larger battery, the iPhone 8 Plus has a lot in common with the smaller iPhone 8. The True Tone display has also been added here, which subtly changes the colors of the screen. This makes the display just a little bit nicer to look at, because it absorbs more in your environment.

iPhone 8 Plus Review: The Best Version Of An Outdated Concept

Wireless charging is also a welcome addition to the Plus, and after a few days of testing we are already used to putting the device on a charging mat easily and quickly. The charging speed is not that high, but the ease of getting it back makes it a feature that we would not want to miss anymore. We are also pleased that Apple uses the open Qi standard for wireless charging. This means that you can use many wireless chargers that are already in stores.

Too close to the X

Although the iPhone 8 Plus with the extra memory, larger screen and better camera is in many ways a better version of the iPhone 8, it comes in price also the closest to its biggest competitor: the iPhone X. Apple chooses this year to release this high-end model two months after the iPhone 8, and that puts especially the 8 Plus in a somewhat uncomfortable position. With a starting price of 919 euros, the Plus namely nasty close to the entry model of the iPhone X (1159 euros).

For two hundred euros more you get a device on November 3 that has an even bigger screen, but is still in a smaller case. In addition, the X also has the dual camera lens, the additional working memory and the new portrait exposure function. What the 8 Plus does not have is a new design, Face ID and an OLED display.

As a result, the iPhone 8 Plus is now slightly in between the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. We do not want to say that the iPhone 8 Plus is a bad or undersized phone. It is truly the best and most sophisticated version of the iPhone so far, but it is not the iPhone of the future that will appear in a few weeks.

Conclusion iPhone 8 Plus review

After our extensive test period, we are limping on two thoughts. On the one hand it is a big improvement compared to last year, with a lightning fast chip, a nicer screen and a True Tone display. The camera also gets welcome improvements and the new portrait lighting will undoubtedly be used often. At the same time, you can not see the iPhone 8 Plus without the iPhone X.

That device has 200 euro more to offer and will appear in a few weeks. It will therefore very much depend on the person whether the 8 Plus is innovative enough to settle for the now dated design. That makes the iPhone 8 Plus especially the best version of the ‘old’ iPhone, which should already be in the shadow of its successor.

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