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5 Tips For Finding A Cheap iPhone

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If you choose an iPhone, you know that you do not get the cheapest smartphone . An iPhone is just like an expensive car: you choose the brand, design and ease of use and pay a premium price. If you are looking for a cheap iPhone, follow these five tips.

So you find a cheap iPhone

1. Do not go for the latest model

It goes without saying that if you want a cheap iPhone, you should not go for the latest model from Apple. With every release of a new device a shift takes place: for example, when the iPhone 8  (Plus) appeared, the price of the iPhone 7 (Plus) dropped , while the iPhone 6S becameeven cheaper. The iPhone 6 is no longer produced by Apple, but is available at various webshops. The  iPhone 6 is also  widely available as a refurbished device .

Apple,iPhone,iPhoned360,iPhone 7,iPhone 7 Plus,Tips,5 tips for finding a cheap iPhone

What makes the slightly older iPhones attractive is the fact that Apple continues to provide them with updates for a long time. For example, the iPhone 5S  from 2013 is still running on a recent iOS version. The support from Apple is fine, so you are assured of the most important security updates and functions. That is different with many Android manufacturers.

Every day we compare all  iPhone offers from the best webshops in Dutch. This means we know exactly which device (with or without a subscription) is the most competitively priced. Follow the links below for the current offer.

2. Buy a refurbished iPhone

A refurbished iPhone is an iPhone that has been used before, but has been cleaned, repaired and provided with new parts where necessary. It is therefore a second-hand telephone that has been thoroughly checked by the selling party for defects. Apple currently offers only refurbished iPads, iPods and Macs, but there are countless parties in the Netherlands where you can go for refurbished iPhones. Usually you get 12 months warranty on the device.

Keep in mind that an iPhone that is handled with care will retain its value for a long time. That is advantageous if you sell the device, but of course disadvantageous if you are looking for an iPhone. Fortunately, more and more parties are offering refurbished iPhones at attractive prices. Do you want to buy a refurbished iPhone ? The iPhone 6S is an attractive option:

3. Scour online auction sites

If you have enough time, you can browse online auction sites such as Marktplaats and eBay in your search for a cheap iPhone. It is important, however, that when you make a purchase, you check whether you are dealing with a reliable salesperson. Make sure you know who you are facing and do not let the device be sent. Also check the condition of the device by following our checklist for buying a second-hand iPhone . This ensures that there are no defects and that the phone is unlocked.

Finally, it is important to check the serial or IMEI number. You can find this via ‘Settings> General> Info’ and use it to check whether a device has been stolen or not. Phone check is a party where you can enter an IMEI number to check if it is stolen or missing. This method is not completely waterproof, but can prevent a lot of trouble.

4. Compare prices

The range of iPhones and subscriptions is huge, making it difficult to find the best or cheapest offer. To make your search easier, you can use an iPhone buying guide . This price comparison tool checks daily the best subscriptions and deals and gives you the possibility to filter. So you can indicate exactly what kind of device you want and how much data, text messages and call minutes you need.

That way you will find in a few clicks for example the cheapest iPhone 6S with Tele2 subscription or the cheapest iPhone 6 with Ben subscription .

5. Calculate your costs over the entire term

You can, of course, go for a SIM-only subscription and buy an iPhone separately, but if you can not immediately miss hundreds of euros, a subscription is a smarter choice. To find a subscription with an Apple device that best fits your needs, you can as mentioned the best use a price comparator.

However, do not blindly look at bargains and temporary offers, but calculate per season how much this will cost you over the entire term (12 or 24 months). That way you can compare subscriptions and you can check exactly in which cases a sim only is more attractive.

Do you have more tips for finding a cheap iPhone? Share them below!

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