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Tim Cook: Homepod Beats The Competition With Superior Sound

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Tim Cook: Homepod Beats The Competition With Superior Sound

Apple’s smart HomePod speaker has two formidable competitors from day one, but CEO Tim Cook seems to have little worries. Is that right?

Tim Cook discusses HomePod interview

Tim Cook will not soon admit, but the launch of the HomePod did not go as Apple had hoped. The speaker originally had to come out at the end of 2017, but for unknown reasons the device was postponed.

Moreover, it seems that Apple still needed more time despite the delay. If the HomePod is released on February 9, certain features (such as multi-room support) are missing, which will be added in a future software update.


Yet the company could not afford to wait any longer. Google and Amazon are entering an increasingly large part of the market with the Google Home and Echo, so it’s time for Apple to come up with an answer.

“I love competition because it makes us all better”, says Tim Cook in an interview with the Financial Post . Yet the ceo thinks (of course) that the HomePod can distinguish itself with ease, through something that Apple’s products have done for years: the close collaboration between hardware, software and other Apple products.

Superior sound

In addition, Cook is convinced of the superior audio quality of the device. “The HomePod offers a great sound experience, something that is still missing on the current smart speaker market. Music deserves this quality instead of a crackling sound “, with which Cook refers to the speakers from Google and Amazon. Apple is convinced that smart speakers are still the most used to play music.

This high quality should also include the higher price of $ 349. The HomePod is equipped with seven tweeters, an Apple-made subwoofer and software that allows the speaker to know where he is in the room.

Whether Tim Cook is rightly not to worry, we will see this Friday. Then the HomePod can be ordered in the first group of countries. Then the speaker comes to Germany and France in the spring. A Dutch date is not yet known, although you can of course order a HomePod abroad.

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