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Buy A Google Home Instead Of Waiting For The Homepod

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The HomePod has been postponed to 2018 and does not support Spotify. Perhaps it’s time to think about an alternative? We recommend the Google Home.

HomePod alternative: Google Home

The next new interesting product from Apple is the HomePod. We just have to wait a bit longer, because the smart speaker speaker will only be available in early 2018 in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. When the Netherlands comes to the neighborhood is not yet clear. Yet there is an alternative: Google Home.

Because even though the smart speaker from Google is not available in the Netherlands at the moment, the device is easy to import via Germany or England. But why would you want to do that? If you put the Google Home (Mini) and HomePod next to each other, then it is clear: Apple’s smart speaker is a lot more impressive. Put your music on both speakers, then you do not have to think long: HomePod probably sounds infinitely better.

Benefits of Google Home

Nevertheless, Google Home has its own advantages. That way the device is a lot cheaper. You get a Google Home Mini for about sixty euros and for the larger version you pay a bit more. The real competitor of the HomePod, the more expensive Google Home Max is not yet available. The HomePod is probably going to cost around 400 euros and there is no cheaper version available with less sound quality.

Apple,News,HomePod,Buy a Google Home instead of waiting for the HomePod

In addition, Google Home has more options. Are you completely satisfied with the services that Apple offers, such as Apple Music , then you probably have no problems at all. If you mainly use a service such as Spotify, you will immediately run into problems. HomePod does not support Spotify, so you can not control the music with your voice. This is no problem for Google Home and you can even set up Spotify as your default music service.

Then we have Google Assistant, which is actually slightly more impressive than Siri . Google Assistant does not speak Dutch yet and Siri does, but if you speak English, Google Assistant is just a little better at conversations. This voice assistant remembers what you were talking about, so you can ask questions. That’s nice if you speak in the air like a speaker in your living room.

Google Home capabilities with an iPhone

You have no restrictions if you use Google Home with an iPhone instead of an Android device. You download the Google Home app from the App Store , set the language of your iPhone to English and set the speaker. Then you can simply reset your language to Dutch. Then you use your iPhone in your own language and you speak with Google Assistant in English. To really get everything out of Google Home, you do need a Chromecast and maybe even a Chromecast Audio.

If you put a Chromecast in your television, you can start Netflix with your voice, for example. If you put a Chromecast Audio in a speaker, you can also get amazing sound quality. Naturally, with the HomePod Apple does things that are not possible with a good speaker. The HomePod is really smart. For example, Apple filters echoes from your room so that music should sound insane. No Google Home can compete with that. Do not you think this is important? Then a Google Home is not a bad idea at all. You can always switch later.

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