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Apple Limits Homepod Functions For Spotify And Other Music Services

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You would almost forget it by the iPhone X , but at the end of this year there will be another brand new Apple product: the HomePod is coming. Thanks to new firmware, we finally know what apps from third parties can do with it.

No HomePod Spotify Support

Last night iOS 11.2 appeared , an update that is not only interesting for iPhones and iPads. The new version contains SiriKit for the HomePod, the software that is needed to run apps on Apple’s smart speaker. Apple is now encouraging developers to prepare their apps for the HomePod by using SiriKit on the iPhone as a test.

Because the HomePod does not have a touchscreen, you control the device almost entirely with your voice. That is why it is crucial that apps have a good support for Siri. It works like this: as soon as you give an assignment for an iOS app to the HomePod, this command is sent to your iPhone or iPad.


In fact, no third-party apps run on the HomePod itself, but all voice commands are sent and executed on the connected iPhone or iPad. The possibilities are relatively limited for apps from third parties. They can only send messages via the HomePod, create a list or make a note. So you can ask the speaker if he can send a message to your partner via WhatsApp, or add a few messages to the list you made in the Notes app of Things.

HomePod Will Appear In December

However, due to the limitations of SiriKit you can not control other music apps via the HomePod. For the time being it seems that you can only control Apple Music via the speaker. Spotify and other services can be sent to the HomePod with AirPlay, but then you just need your iPhone or iPad to go to the next song.

For example, Apple seems to be using the HomePod as a means to attract more Apple Music subscribers. The HomePod will appear in December for $ 350 in the first group of countries, but the Netherlands does not belong here yet. If and when the smart speaker comes to other countries is not yet known.


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