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News Overview Week 3: iPhone delay, iPhone X 2 And MacBook Pro 2018

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Have you not already followed the iPhone news this week? No problem! Also in 2018 we put the most important news from the world of Apple every week in a row.

Next iOS Update Enables iPhone Delay

Apple ceo Tim Cook promises that the next iOS update will meet users. From now on you can choose whether the performance is limited to save the battery life. That’s how it works. In a conversation with ABC News, Apple says it will not wait until iOS 12 to implement this function.

The next major update for iOS 11 will receive an extra button in the Settings app. Tim Cook confirms that this update will appear next month for developers, after which the public version is likely to be launched in March. The new setting gives you the choice of whether or not to restrict iPhone performance when the health of the battery deteriorates. Now your iPhone determines this independently, which can cause the device to react more slowly than is possible.

This Watchos 5 Concept Shows 4 Major Apple Watch Improvements

Our Apple Watches will have to wait for watchOS 5 until this fall, but that does not stop this designer from presenting an impressive concept. We also hope that the future of the Watch will look like this. Designer Matt Birchler convinces immediately with his watchOS 5 concept. In his extensive article, he explains how the next major Apple Watch update can further expand existing functions.

These focus on a number of spearheads. First of all, Birchler argues for a way to always show the time on the watch, even if your wrist is not turned. The Watch can take advantage of this with its OLED display. By only lighting up the white pixels, the watch hardly consumes energy and you can still see the time without moving the watch. In that case, the Watch would get two dials: the normal one we already know and an ‘Ambient’ dial that appears on the screen when the Watch goes black.

Successor iPhone X Gets Smaller Notch In 2019

The successor to the iPhone X will probably get a smaller notch in 2019. Apple has a clear plan to save space. The iPhone X is in many ways a special device. Yet Apple has had to make a concession on one level: the ‘notch’. This notch on the top of the device ensures that the screen does not fill the entire front. In exchange for that you get Face ID , the facial recognition technology that unlocks your iPhone by just looking at it. The 3D camera is also used for example for Animoji.

MacBook Pro Gets No New Features Or Big Upgrade In 2018

If you’re looking for a new MacBook, you do not seem to have to wait for a major upgrade this year. Apple plays it safely with its laptops and leaves it almost unchanged in 2018. Digitimes writes today that Apple is withdrawing its MacBook Pro orders from Quanta and from now on it will be produced by Foxconn. The company now chooses to take this step, because the MacBook Pro would not get a significant upgrade.

Facebook In 2018: 3 Things That The Social Network Will Do Differently

Ceo Mark Zuckerberg has the necessary good intentions for his social network. Facebook drastically changes the rudder in 2018, and that is something you as a user will notice.

The most important change for Facebook in 2018 is a completely revised version of the Timeline. This has slowly but surely been taken over by brands and companies in recent years, leaving little room for photos and stories from friends and family. This year the social network puts a point behind it. The new timeline that appears within now and a few months has a clear goal: to bring people closer together.


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