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iPad 2018: Everything You Need To Know About Specs, Functions And Purchase Advice

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iPadThe iPad 2017 is the entry-level model of Apple’s tablet. It replaces the iPad Air and is a lot cheaper than the iPad Pro. Here you can read all about the iPad 2017.

Apple unveiled the iPad on March 21 through a press release. After the online Apple Store went offline for several hours, the store returned with the new iPad on the front page. Along with the iPad, Apple unveiled a red iPhone 7 , new Apple Watch tapes and iPhone SE models with more internal memory.

You should know this about the iPad 2017

  • The iPad is available with 32GB and 128GB of memory
  • The suggested retail price for the iPad 2017 is € 409, –
  • You can choose from the colors Gold, Silver and Space Gray
  • iPad 2017 specs: 64-bit A9 chip, running on iOS 10
  • Camera: 8 megapixels on the back, 1.2 megapixels on the front
  • On sale from March 24, 2017

Finally an iPad Air successor

As you can read in the above list, the iPad 2017 is finally a tablet for lovers of the iPad Air series. In the past two years, Apple focused on professionals who needed a tablet with breakthrough performance and features with the advent of the Pro. Very nice of course, but that also made the iPad Pro one of the most expensive tablets of the moment.

Meanwhile, the iPad 2017 is meant for people who are looking for a tablet to use at home, and Apple is talking to the ever expanding educational market. An iPad in the classroom is becoming more obvious, and the iPad 2017 is much more affordable for a school to equip the students than an iPad Pro. This also coincides nicely with the Classroom functions of iOS where Apple always adds new features.

This can also be seen in the name that Apple has given the iPad 2017: simply ‘iPad’. This makes it (as soon as the iPad mini is out of time) for new customers very clear what the iPads stand for: the normal iPad for regular use and the iPad Pro for the professional user. Apple uses the same name for the MacBook and MacBook Pro.

iPad 2017, the functions in a row

The iPad has 9.7-inch Retina display with a resolution of 2048 by 1536. The tablet turns out of the box on iOS 10. Under the sleek appearance is a 64-bit A9 chip that keeps the tablet running. The battery must last ten hours on a single battery charge. Remarkably, the tablet is both thicker and heavier than the iPad Air 2.

The iPad camera on the back has a capacity of 8 megapixels, while you make selfies with the 1.2 megapixel front camera. Unlocking and logging in securely is done with the Touch ID sensor that has been processed in the home button. Apple has not added any new features to this iPad in addition to a hardware upgrade. It is really meant as a budget model, while the iPad Pro is meant for professional users.

This also means that you can not use Pro accessories on this iPad. No support for the Apple Pencil or Smart Keyboard. In addition, this 9.7-inch iPad does not have a True Tone display that adapts to your surroundings.


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