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All iPhones and Macs vulnerable to major vulnerability: you must do this

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Apple has officially responded to the Meltdown and Specter bugs that were unveiled yesterday. The company says that all Macs and iOS devices are vulnerable to this vulnerability. You can do this as a user.

Specter and Meltdown affects all Macs and iOS devices


Researchers revealed two major security breaches this week that affects virtually all computers and smartphones. Both bugs can give hackers access to personal data and passwords. Because the error is not in the software but in the processors themselves, this makes it extra difficult to repair them afterwards.

Today, Apple responds to the two bugs in a statement on his website. The company confirms that all iOS devices (iPhones, iPads and iPod touch), Macs and Apple TVs are potentially vulnerable. The Apple Watch is the only device that remains undamaged. “But until now no abuse has been made of it,” Apple said.


This way you protect all your Apple devices against Meltdown


The good news is that you can already protect yourself against the dangers of Meltdown. Because the bug has been known to large tech companies for some time, Apple has already taken measures in iOS 11.2 , macOS 10.13.2 and tvOS 11.2 . So check that your Apple devices are running on the most recent software to ensure that you are protected.

Apple’s statement does not clarify whether older devices that no longer support iOS 11 are also protected with the latest security update. This is another good example of why installing updates as soon as possible is so important. All updates that prevent Meltdown have a negative impact on the speed of the device, although Apple says that this delay is negligible.


This way you protect all your Apple devices against Specter


The Specter bug is a lot more persistent, because this error is in the chip itself and therefore can not be easily solved with software modifications. Apple is working hard on a new version of Safari that will be available for download in the coming days. This update for Apple’s browser includes measures to protect your devices from attacks that Specter uses.

In addition, Apple says the leak in the coming time to investigate intensively, with future updates to provide even stronger security. Finally, the company warns that these kinds of dangers are often distributed through unofficial software that you do not download via the App Store. “Always download all your apps and software from a reliable source, such as the App Store,” is the advice.

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